synonyms and antonyms


English po, po river, polonium, bottom, an, ass, behind, dust, five, in wake of, night, or, pee, petty officer, united states post office, poo, post, powder, seed, skin, tad, yes, goal


English foot, animal foot, metrical foot, foot up, human foot, invertebrate foot, foundation, infantry, football, fotmal, ft, hoof, hoof it, leg it, pes, pick
Bangla ফুট, পা


English tie, womb, game, play, cathetus, lay, limb, prop, stage, peg, branch, logist, logy

প antonyms

head, top, fo, arm, finger, hand, face, arms, coat of arms, army, at time, inept, tube top, ago, before, humming top, in front of, pre, scratch, baby face, chicken finger, finger's breadth, human face, spinning top, top of inning, top off, top out, top quark, top side, at hand, on hand, hired hand, hand translations, read write head, head up, head word, helping hand, elite, countenance, cannon, ball, weaponry, weapon, garage, union, peak, vertex, weather, employee, intellectual, mother, religionist, survivor, suspect, needy, poor

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