synonyms and antonyms


English zero, 0, slashed zero, zero out, zero coupon, zero in, zero point, nothing, love, aught, cipher, cypher, nil, nix, nought, o, oh, root, tare, goose egg, naught, no, null, additive identity, nadir, origin, zeroize, duck
Bangla শূন্য,


English zero, 0, zero coupon bond, 0th, o, nothing

০ antonyms

one, 1, pole, celestial pole, magnetic pole, fishing pole, field, poland, one and only, polack, polander, polish, rod, bass, fishing rod, peg, perch, picket, prop, signpost, spar, stake, stump, terminal, punt, pollen, slow, staff, polis, ragweed pollen, them, they, i, ilk, ace, eleven, 1st, ane, arc, one translations, this, 2, medic, two, best in, most, january 1, may 1, first rate, right, unitary, single, unity, you, oxo, sand

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