synonyms and antonyms


English sink, borough, burgh, boro, burg, forget, immerse, entomb, inhume, inter, lay to rest
Chinese 下葬, 入土, 埋, 埋没, 埋葬, 埋藏, 堙, 墐, 安葬, 掩埋, 收, 淹灭, 湮, 湮没, 烧埋, 瘗, , 窀穸, 葬, 葬埋

窀 antonyms

dig, dig up, exhume, dig out, excavate, weasel out, unearth, ungrave, levee, disinter, quarry, thee, turn over, wrath, lazarus, archeological site, cut into, delve, di, excavation, shot, get picture, jab, labor, get, dig or plow up, up, straight up, astir, improving, upward, alley oop, upwardly, upwards, turn up, wards

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