synonyms and antonyms


English steal, abstract, bargain, chore, deal, rip, rip off, skulk, slip, sneak, snitch, swipe, thieve, steel, stolen base, walk
Chinese a, 偷, 偷去, 偷取, 偷盗, 偷窃, 勾走, 干, 扒, 扒窃, 拉, 摸, 攘, 攘窃, 盗, 盗取, 盗窃, , 窃取, 胠, 胠箧, 行窃, 偷嘢


English i, i.e, i don't care, in, iodine, and, me, of, she, the, there, they, to, y all, east, one, automaton, 1, eek, at, best, by, cruel, drink, during, er, have to, her, his, how much does it cost, muggins, it, jay, ly
Chinese i, 不佞, 不才, 不材, 予, 人家, 伲, 余, 侬, 俺, 兄弟, 卬, 受业, 吾, 咱家, 哀家, 妾, 寡人, 小人, 小婿, 小子, 小弟, 小的, 弟, 我, 晚生, 朕, 本人, 某人, , 老娘, 老子, 老汉, 臣, 臣妾, 鄙人, 阿拉, 麿


English occultly, in secret
Chinese 偷偷, 悄悄, 暗地, 暗地里, 暗暗, 暗自, 私底下, 私自, , 窃窃, 背地, 阉然, 魆魆

窃 antonyms

buy, openly, publicly, make buy, donate, pay, pay up, pay off, contribute, gift, receive, you, you all, you guys, you gals, you lot, you uns, tendon, accept, find, get, have, incur, invite, procure, purchase, swallow, taking over, aby, action, ante up, bargain, believe, cheap, bribe, compensate, compensation, fee, he, make up, obtain, welcome, experience, pick up, meet, take, take in

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