synonyms and antonyms


English narrow minded, close, contract, diminish, little, minute, taper, constrict, specialize, pin down, strait, thin, tight
Chinese 仄, 侷, 局, 局促, 心胸狭隘, 戋, 束狭, 狭, 狭小, 狭窄, 狭隘, 狭义, 瘦, , 笮, 褊, 褊狭, 跼, 迫胁, 逼仄, 隘

narrow minded

English narrow, close minded, closed minded, thin minded, bigoted, hidebound, illiberal, insular, intolerant, myopic, parochial, prejudiced, provincial, short sighted, strait laced, shockable
Chinese 偏狭, 小心眼, 小心眼儿, 小气, 小肚鸡肠, 心窄, 心胸狭窄, 狭, 狭隘, , 龊, 龌龊

badly off

English poor, impoverished

窄 antonyms

broad minded, open minded, well endowed, well off, well situated, well to do, broad, large minded, catholic, cosmopolitan, dispassionate, flexible, free thinking, liberal, permissive, progressive, receptive, tolerant, unbiased, undogmatic, unprejudiced, unshockable, deep, thick, rich, wide, impartial, persuadable, understanding, unopinionated, rich people, thick skulled, wide cut, wide eyed, wide of mark, abundant, aplenty, broaden, coarse, commodious, condensed, cord, fat, astute, dark, bright, fast, great, heavy, low, bass, inscrutable, recondite, trench, deeply, late, long, affluent, wealthy, full bodied, plenteous, productive, chummy, chunky, crowded, dense, friendly, glutinous, overflow, stupid, unclear, unreasonable, buddy buddy, heavyset, slurred, midst, thickly

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