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cave dwelling

Chinese 洞府,


Chinese 焙烤,


English kiln, stove, oven, fornax, aries, ram, sheep
Chinese 炉子, 烘炉, 烘箱, 烤房, 烤炉, 烤箱, , 炉, 焗炉


English stove, cooking stove, heating stove, kitchen stove, dwelling, residence, cooker, kitchen range, range
Chinese 火炉, 灶, 灶具, 炉, 炉子, 炉灶, 烘箱, 锅灶, 镐


English brothel, nunnery, whorehouse, bawdy house, bagnio, bordel, house of prostitution, stew, whore house, academy, bordello, cathouse, crib, escort agency, house of ill fame, house of ill reputation, house of ill repute, knocking shop, leaping house, lupanar, massage parlour, pushing school, red house, sauna, sporting house, vaulting school
Chinese 勾栏, 妓寨, 妓院, 妓馆, 娼家, 柳陌花衢, 烟花场, 烟花寨, 烟花行院, 烟花阵, , 门户, 青楼, 堂子, 烟花柳巷, 窑子, 花柳, 行院


Chinese 炉, 炉子, 熔矿炉

窑 antonyms

hypocaust, ondol, conduction, refrigerator, fridge, icebox, electric refrigerator, frigidaire

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