synonyms and antonyms

quiet and secluded

Chinese 清幽,


English nonabrasive, peaceable, polite, soft, weak, easy, friendly, aristocratical, docile, pacify, ennoble, indulgent
Chinese 优柔, 和缓, 夭, 平和, 平缓, 慈, 文, 文气, 文质彬彬, 斯文, 柔和, 柔曼, 沉静, 淑静, 温厚, 温和, 温婉, 温润, 温雅, 燮友, , 轻, 轻柔, 轻松, 雅静, 顺和

窕 antonyms

tough, harsh, rough, hard, brutal, rude, lady, butcher, business firm, firm, forceful, mean value, mean, rough in, beast, beastly, roughshod, forcible, emphatic, powerful, stallwart, strong, pinus cembra, fantastic, ferocious, violent, abrasive, bad, brittle, barbaric, cold blooded, savage, vicious, unrelenting, brutally, brutish, burly, crude, dour, draconian, exacting, fresh, hardy, brusque, rigorous, strict, coarse, heavy handed, impolite, massacre, meatman, raspy, severe, slaughter, slaughterer, devastating, noblewoman, aim at, aim for, average, carnager, mayhemist, slayer, bungler, blunder, botch, bungle, company, corporation, despicable, donna, evil, fast

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