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English lair, hideout, den, denier, human, day, an, dyke, everything, for, from, guy
Chinese 尼尔球场, 巢穴, 渊薮, , 窝子, 窝点, 兽穴, 兽窝, 兽窟


English den, gist, burrow, mare
Chinese 巢穴, 渊薮, , 窝子, 窝点, 莦, 兽穴, 兽窝, 兽窟


English den, hideaway
Chinese 厞, 巢穴, , 藏身之处, 藏身处, 隐匿处


English dimple, dent, dimpled chad
Chinese , 笑窝, 笑靥, 酒涡, 酒窝, 靥, 颊窝, 凹


English nest, brood, cuddle
Chinese 巢, 巢穴, 渊薮, 营巢, , 窝巢, 窠, 蔟, 窦, 鸟巢


English stew, brothel, burn, grudge, ragout, fret, bake, brood, grizzle
Chinese 卤法, 闷, 杂烩, 滷法, 炖, 烧, 焖, 焖烧锅, , 肉羹, 炖菜


English pit, orchestra pit, stone pit, brisket, bicycle, boob, breast, cavity, cunt, fossa, hollow, match, nub, oppose, pip, colliery, hell, stone, scar, pitfall, pittsburgh, play off, put, quarry, twat, vulva
Chinese 凹洞, 凼, 凼子, 坈, 坎, 坑, 坑洞, 埳, 核, 核儿, 洞子, 溛, 潭, 矿场, 硐, 窞, , 阬, 穴


English bend, bend dexter, band, bending, fold, flex, crouch, deflect, compel, corner, crook, curb, curve, give, turn, twist
Chinese 匽, 哈腰, 套, 崴子, 弓, 弯, 弯子, 弯折, 弯曲, 弯角, 戾, 抈, 折, 拐弯处, 拳曲, 挠曲, 推, 掰弯, 揻, 河曲, , 翘曲, 翘棱, 翘稜, 诎, 躩


English house, house music, bingo, domiciliate, dwelling, gosling, shop, sign of zodiac
Chinese 代, 住宅, 住舍, 宅子, 宅舍, 宅院, 家宅, 居, 屋, 屋子, 屋宇, 户, 房, 房子, 房屋, 房舍, 收容, 朝, 朝代, 民宅, 浩室, , 医神, 门, 家, 屋企


English place, come in, come out, digit, elbow room, juxtapose, localise, localize, location
Chinese 一席之地, 位, 位子, 位次, 位置, 去处, 名, 名次, 名额, 地, 地位, 地儿, 地头, 地方, 地点, 场地, 场所, 境, 处, 处所, 安, 安放, 所, 所在, 搁, 放, 方, , 置, 置于, 置放, 订, 部位, 顺位, 头


English stay on, stay over, stay put, continue, delay, detain, keep one's word, remain, rest, restraint, sojourn, staff, mastrope, arrest, abide, attend, await, bear, blin, cancel, cease, contend, curb, endure, wait, quell, bide, last out, persist, stick, stick around, suspension, tarry
Chinese 下榻, 住, 停, 停留, 勾留, 印, 呆, 固定, 处, 寄宿, 待, 息肩, 闷, 投宿, 撑, 栖, 栖息, 歇宿, 留, , 置身, 羁留, 落藉, 蹲, 逗, 驻, 龟


English mothball, postpone, pigeonhole
Chinese 冰封, 搁, 搁置,


English circle, inductor, handbuild, gyrate, curl, curlicue, gyre, helix, intrauterine device, loop, ringlet, roll, scroll, spiral, volute, whorl
Chinese 螺旋, 螺线, 卷绕, 挽, 盘, 盘绕, 盘缠, , 线圈, 线圈般, 绕, 绕组, 缠, 蜷局, 螺线管, 蟠, 避孕环

窝 antonyms

move, propel, go, travel, turn, twist, leave, walk, curfew, flea, escape, sleep, soup, cage, hill, party, batting cage, john milton cage jr, cage in, escape key, garden walk, capitol hill, james jerome hill, hill up, twist around, went, gaed, gone, wended, propeller, chime, drive on, good turn, impel, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, shake off, shake, walk of life, walk free, milkshake, running away, agitate, come in, come, come up, consomme, contort, convolute, coop, coup de théâtre, didder, distort, disturb, escape from

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