synonyms and antonyms


English poor people, bad, bad off, badly off, impecunious, indigent, needy, inferior, pitiable, inadequate, misfortunate, pour, poverty ridden, unacceptable, weak
Chinese 受穷, 寒, 寠, 差事, 敝, 清寒, 瘦, 稀松, 穷, 穷人, 穷棒子, 空匮, , 菜, 菲, 贫, 贫寒, 贫瘠, 贫穷, 贫苦, 陋, 贫乏


English churlish, country bumpkin, hick, ignoble, peasant, agrestic, countrified, unsophisticated, slob
Chinese 乡下人, 乡村, 乡气, 伧, 俚, 僻, 土头土脑, 土得掉渣, 土气, 土里土气, 大老粗, 寠, 怯, 怯子, 猥, , 质朴, 鄙, 阿乡

窭 antonyms

well endowed, well off, well situated, well to do, average, fortune, excellent, rich, wealthy, average out, adequate, manners, good, fair to middling, affluent, arithmetic mean, arithmetical mean, av, conventional, mediocre, ordinary, intermediate, mean, enough, equal, flush, loaded, moneyed, ok, seemly, substantial, quality, being, accident, ace, beautiful, organism, beingness, bomb, brilliant, bully, caliber, calibre, character, circumstances, crucial, destiny, fantabulous, existence, face of earth, fate, luck, gentry, king's ransom, lineament, lot, median

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