synonyms and antonyms


English bath, addled, abandoned, abominable, badass, base, corrupt, deficient, detestable, disgusting, false, faulty, ill, inferior, lousy, malodorous, off, poor, punk, rotten, severe, spurious, substandard, unacceptable, unfavorable, ungodly, unsatisfactory, vicious, wanting, wicked, wretched, wrong, defective, forged, high risk, regretful, spoiled, tough, uncollectible, unsound, badly, badness, bathhouse, bathroom, big, boat, evil doer, miserable, naughty, spa, ungood, wind
Chinese 不善, 不良, 反面, 坏, 孬, 寙, 差, 差劲, 柴, 歹, 烂, 瓤, , 糟糕, 臭, 赖, 错, 陋, 不好


English weak minded, ailing, brittle, feeble, lame, languid, limp, little, pithless, powerless, regular, vincible, accessible, adulterated, attenuated, boneless, breakable, childish, compliant, debilitated, defenceless, delicate, dilute, diluted, enervated, enfeebled, exhausted, faint, flimsy, foolish, frail, frangible, frivolous, futile, gentle, helpless, illogical, imbecile, inconclusive, inconsiderable, indiscreet, indistinct, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient, infirm, injudicious, insipid, irresolute, languished, light, low, pliable, pliant, poor, puny, senseless, shaky, shallow, sickly, silly, simple, sleazy, slender, slight, spent, strengthless, stupid, tasteless, thin, trifling, unconvincing, undecided, undetermined, unhealthy, unprotected, unsafe, unsatisfactory, unsettled, unsound, unstable, unsteady, unstressed, unsubstantial, unsupported, unsustained, untrustworthy, unwise, vacillating, vague, vain, vulnerable, wasted, watery, wavering, weakly, witless, yielding, decrepit, imperfect, unaccented, weedy, wishy washy
Chinese 乏力, 优柔, 儜, 单薄, 可欺, 婥, 嬬, 孱, 孱弱, 寙, 弱, 弱势, 弱受, 弱爆, 微弱, 怯弱, 恹恹, 懦弱, 无牙, 柔弱, 殜, 殜殜, 淡, 瓤, 疲弱, 瘫软, , 绵, 羸弱, 脆弱, 荏, 菜, 薄, 薄弱, 虚, 虚弱, 衰弱, 跙, 软弱, 软绵绵, 酥软


English superfluous, trashy, unnecessary, unusable, unuseful, good for nothing, unskillful, worthless
Chinese 不中用, 不当事, 不稂不莠, 于事无补, 吃干饭, 寙, 形同虚设, 无用, 没用, 没起子, 烂泥扶不上墙, 疣赘, , 肉瘤, 赘瘤

窳 antonyms

nonweak, strong, durable, healthy, potent, might, power, strength, invaluable, invincible, steel, important, tough, self important, important thing, necessary, adequate, advantageous, useful, skillful, knock down, gainful, beneficial, favorable, favourable, inestimable, priceless, unbeatable, unconquerable, undefeatable, unvanquishable, inviolable, plus, propitious, strong willed, valuable, good, fair to middling, burly, cherished, permanent, long lasting, long wearing, perdurable, enough, equal, exacting, fitness, functioning, hard, harden, hardy, healthful, good for you, level headed, sizeable, may, mightiness, mightn’t, inevitable, necessity, needful, nice, ok, powerful, world power, requisite, seemly, serviceable, proficient, stallwart, stiff, strict, problematical, ruffianly, rugged, sturdy, bully, hood, street fighter, toughened, undestroyable, worthwhile

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