synonyms and antonyms


English distant, remote, standoffish, removed, cold, far, far off, unaffectionate, aloof, far flung
Chinese 倞, 悠远, 攸, 渺运, 疏, 疏淡, 疏阔, 窎, , 粗, 缅, 赊, 路途遥远, 辽远, 远, 远端, 远远, 迥, 逌, 逴, 逶迤, 遐, 遥, 遥遥, 遥远, 邃, 邈冥冥, 邈然, 隐隐约约, 隐隐绰绰, 隔膜, 麤


English deep, astute, dark, bright, fast, great, heavy, low, thick, bass, inscrutable, recondite, trench, deeply, late, long, rich
Chinese 冞, 冥, 大, 奥, 岭巆, 峥巆, 巆, 沉, 浏, 浓厚, 浓重, 深, 深刻, 深厚, 深层, 深沉, 深深, 深邃, 深闭固拒, 渊, 渊远, 湛, 潭奥, 浓, 眑, 窈, 窎, 窔, , 覃, 邃, 邃密


English abysmal, fundamental, unfathomed, wakeless
Chinese 入木三分, 厚重, 奥妙, 宥, 幽微, 微, 意味深长, 沉, 沉痛, 沕, 浓重, 深刻, 深厚, 深奥, 深广, 深沉, 深深, 深重, 深长, 渊, 渊博, 渊深, 渊远, 潭奥, 玄妙, 玄远, 窈窈, 窎, , 精微, 精深, 警辟, 邃密, 邈, 高深

窵 antonyms

affable, close, narrow, high, in sight, visible, recent, out of sight, in hiding, adjacent, local, light, neighbour, local anesthetic, close by, close fitting, close off, close out, close down, close up, narrow minded, shallow, frivolous, neighboring, abutting, adjoining, contiguous, juxtaposed, near, side by side, accessible, benign, amiable, cordial, fellow creature, fellow man, flippant, friendly, genial, high pitched, high toned, in high spirits, high gear, senior high school, high up, late, light headed, visible light, electric light, traffic light, inner light, light up, light colored, light coloured, light source, lightheaded, lovable, ridiculous, weak, squeamish, contract, diminish, little, bydweller, fellow human being, neighbor, new, polite, nudiustertian, holocene, recently, shoal, suave, young, complaisant, openhearted

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