synonyms and antonyms


English hide, obfuscate, secrete, cover, dissemble, hold back, hold in
Chinese 侜, 包荒, 包藏, 囥, 壅蔽, 掖, 掩盖, 掩饰, 揞, 昧, 暗藏, 潜, 潜伏, 盖, 瞒骗, , 荫蔽, 蔽, 薆, 藏, 藏匿, 藏藏掖掖, 藏躲, 遮, 隐匿, 隐瞒, 隐蔽, 隐藏, 饰


English conceal, hide, hide out, carucate, cover up, disguise, dissemble, fell, skin, obscure, shroud, poliomyelitis, skulk
Chinese hide, 伏, 兽皮, 匽, 匿, 卧底, 厞, 囥, 掖, 暗藏, 消隐, 潜, 潜伏, 潜影, , 薆, 藏, 藏踪, 藏身, 藏躲, 躲, 躲避, 遁形, 遮, 遮盖, 閟, 隐伏, 隐匿, 隐瞒, 隐蔽, 隐藏, 隐遁, 隐避, 韬, 饰, 收埋

variant of

Chinese 报怨, 搆, 构, 档, 灪, , 誯


English crack, bum crack, crack cocaine, crack up, crack rock, shot, genius, break, builder's bum, builder's cleavage, burst, check, clatter, cleft, first rate, bum, fracture, gap, wisecrack, crevice, break through, snap, cracking, fissure, fling, go, hack, offer, pass, rock, scissure, slash, tornado, vulva, whirl, ace
Chinese 干裂, 坼, 夹缝, 枪声, 爆鸣, 璺, 空隙, , 精干, 精锐, 缝, 缝子, 罅, 罅隙, 裂, 裂化, 裂璺, 裂痕, 裂纹, 裂缝, 裂隙, 豁, 迸, 隙, 龟裂


English cavity, hollow, core out, holler, false hearted, hollow hearted, insincere, pharisaical, vacuous, concavity, dent, dint, excavation, pit, pocket, valley, hole, excavate, hollow out
Chinese 中空, 空, 空洞, 俭腹, 凹陷, 坳, 夼, 挖空, 浮, 空心, 空空如也, 空空洞洞, 空虚, , 芤, 虚空


English hollow, bodily cavity, caries, pit, cavum, dental caries, enclosed space, tooth decay
Chinese 凹入, 凹洞, 坳, 孔穴, 穴, 空洞, 空腔, 窟窿, 窦, , 窿, 龋齿

窾 antonyms

in public, expose, uncover, reveal, discover, find, appear, show, publically, public, find oneself, disrobe, show up, found, admit, filling, accept, acknowledge, inlet, accommodate, allow, allow in, bare, bring out, descry, detect, come across, identify, learn, disclose, fall upon, display, divulge, exhibit, bewray, nake, debunk, queer, fill, woof, find out, discovered, establish, include, intromit, invent, let in, let know, make known, observe, publish, jamb, revel, communicate, impart, open, unfold, unveil, strip, transpire, unbare, unmasking

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