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at once

English straight off, immediately, at same time, at time, instantaneous, instantly, simultaneous, right away, right now, straight away, straightway, this instant
Chinese 即, 就, 当下, 当即, 当时, 登时, , 立刻, 立马, 赶快, 辄, 连忙, 顿, 马上

straight off

English at once, immediately, directly, forthwith, instantly, like shot, now, right away, straightaway
Chinese 及时, 现, , 这, 随时


English at once, straight off, right away, right now, straight away, straightway, this instant, as soon as, forthwith, directly, instantaneously, instantly
Chinese 即便, 即刻, 当下, 旋, 痛痛快快, 登时, , 立即, 立时, 立马, 第一时间, 赶快, 跟手, 迅即, 随即, 顿时, 马上, 直接, 立刻


English lay down, set up, build, base, constitute, determine, prove, install, found, give, ground, hang out one's shingle, institute, launch, plant, rear, set, settle, substantiate, sustain
Chinese 依据, 创下, 创办, 创建, 创立, 创设, 刱, 奠定, 建, 建成, 建树, 建立, 开辟, 成, 成立, 打, 打下, 树立, 根据, 确立, , 立下, 组建, 编制, 设, 设立, 起, 开国, 确定

lay down

English establish, lie down, abandon, make
Chinese 舍下, 放下, , 订出

draw up

English haul up, pull up, straighten up, brake, draught, edit, formate, freeze, make out, retract, word, frame
Chinese 制定, 拟定, 拟订, 撰拟, , 编造, 草拟, 订, 订出, 订定, 起草, 制订

set up

English establish, set, installed, lay out, prepared, adjustment, scheme, install, fix, rig, arrange, raise, pitch, assemble, effect, ensnare
Chinese 创立, 办, 安排, 安设, 建, 建构, 建立, 开办, 开辟, 成军, 成立, 搞, 摆放, 树, 树立, , 立下, 组建, 订立, 设, 设定, 设立, 设置, 铺, 陷害


English build, rear, upright, vertical, tumid, construct, raise
Chinese 亭, 剚, 安装, 挺, 支, 架设, 直立, , 竖, 竖直, 竖立, 竖起, 翘硬, 高耸


English erect, establish, build, build up, physique, human body, base, construct, create, manufacture, rear
Chinese 个子, 体型, 体魄, 修, 修建, 修筑, 修造, 兴建, 创制, 建, 建成, 建设, 建造, 打, 打下, 打造, 搭, 搭建, 搭盖, 构筑, 架构, 树, 营, 营建, 营造, 盖, 盘, , 筑, 肇建, 肈建, 艁, 身才, 身材, 造

surname li

Chinese 利, 力, 励, 厉, 李, 栗, 澧, 礼, 离, , 郦, 黎


English exist, be, live, subsist, survive
Chinese 吃饭, 在, 存, 存在, 存有, 有, 生存, , 处, 赖以为生, 驰


English stand, stand up, stall, bear, bleachers, booth, carry away, estate, gueridon, league table, pedestal, place upright, rack, remain firm, score, shooting range, resistance, bandstand, base, point of view, digest, resist, standstill, tie up
Chinese 㝉, 主张, 受, 台, 台子, 宁, 展台, 展臺, 座, 搁, 末日逼近, 架子, 禁受, , 立足, 竖立, 站, 站住, 站立, 站起, 臺, 臺子, 起立, 企


English decide, adjudicate, conclude, choose, close, determine, make up one's mind, pick, resolve, settle, judge
Chinese 作主, 决, 决定, 判定, 定, 决议, 发, , 落实, 说话, 议决, 解决


Chinese , 立法, 订


English invest, inthronize, throne


English compose, drop line, indite, pen, save, author, display, inscribe, post, sit, spell
Chinese 书, 书写, 修, 做, 写, 写作, 创作, 执笔, 字, 挥毫, 撰写, 撰稿, 撰述, 操觚, 泐, 添, 濡毫, 爬格子, , 笔耕, 编, 编着, 落款, 着, 着作, 着述, 运笔


English denominate, denote, characterize, describe, entitle, name, style, intend, destine, indicate, delegate, earmark
Chinese 候任, 命名, 指名, 指明, , 订定, 谓

立 antonyms

shut fuck up, shut up, clam up, lock up, shut one's face, shut one's mouth, shut one's trap, close up, demolish, tear down, dethronize, dethrone, abolish, abrogate, destroy, close down, break, hush down, pent, close off, end, get out, hush, lock, quiet, zip it, lock in, zip one's lip, burn, tear, be, shoot down, level, shut hell up, shut your bloody mooth up, shut your fucking mooth up, shut oneself up, disenthrone, disthrone, disthronize, arise, dissolve, demolition, raze, abate, abjure, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, burn off, burn down, burn mark, corruption, destroying, destruction, discrown, duck, invalidate, lucky break, percussion break, race, rescind, strain, supplant, decrease, loom, down, appear, accrue, ascent, begin, come, come into being, emerge, ensue, follow, get out of bed, get up, go up, issue, mount, occur, originate, pop up, proceed, reappear, rebel, result, revolt, rise, soar, spring up, start up, surface, be born, bob up, come up, cry down, curtailment, cut down, decline, abatement, contraction, cut, declension, decrement, ebb, ebbing, lessening, reduction, subsidence, wane, waning, contract, curtail, diminish, drop, dwindle, lessen, lower, reduce, retrench, subside, devour, dethaw, diminishment, diminution, dismantle, dismiss, fade out, formelt, melt, disband, divorce, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, drop off, fade, fade away, fall, get rid of, get to one's feet, knock down, materialize, perish, pull down

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