synonyms and antonyms


English large, big, hefty, high seas, huge, declamatory, magnanimous, prominent, with child, boastfully, open sea, white goods, wide, abundant, affluent, ample, aplenty, broad, bulky, capacious, commodious, copious, extensive, lax, open, plentiful, profuse, rich, sizable, spacious, vast, voluminous, exuberant, immense, plenteous, wide cut, wide of mark, astray, away, broadly, largely, widely
Chinese 伟, 倬, 大, 大件, 大型, 大量, 强大, 曼, 杏眼, 硕, 祁, , 蝒, 訏, 豪, 鸿


English accept, approximate, approximation, calculation, conjecture, estimation, appraisal, appraise, assessment, calculate, gauge, give, guess, idea, judge, reckon
Chinese 上, 估, 估产, 估价, 估测, 估计, 估量, 吃, 射, 度, 忖思, 打, 掂, 推估, 推定, 推计, 揆, 揣, 揣度, 测度, , 赀, 量, 铨, 预估, 预计

竑 antonyms

exact, precise, minute, little, tiny, middle, petit, small, svelte, medium, long, figure, actuals, hunger, mass medium, culture medium, medium rare, minute of arc, accurate, as long as, detail oriented, diminutive, dinky, little bit, long time, middle voice, narrow, slender, thin, tight, willowy, lithesome, slim, strait, close, narrow minded, constrict, specialize, pin down, mediumship, media, accurately, arcminute, channeler, claim, clairvoyant, perfect, spot on, strict, demand, exactly, just, meticulous, miniscule, minuscule, on nose, right, sensitive, slight, midget, word for word, correct, prompt, proper, punctual, timely, diminished, fiddling, microscopic, modest, pocket size, baby, kit, young, toddler

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