synonyms and antonyms


English stop, come to halt, simply, arrest, foothold, freeze, crippled, brake, break off, stem, hold, standstill, stoppage, suspension
Chinese 停, 停住, 停止, 停顿, 打住, 歇, 止步, , 驻, 驻足


English halt, station, stop, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, alloy, abort, baiting place, barrier, block, catch, come to halt, conclude, delay, detain, get off, halting place, impede, intermission, interruption, kibosh, layover, obstruct, paralyse, plosive, prevent, prorogation, pull up, quit, restraint, ring down curtain, staging post, stay over, blockage, diaphragm, period, arrest, blin, brake, hang about, lodge, break, hold on, check, barricade, intercept, discontinue, end, stopover, stoppage, stopper, stopping place, whoa, hitchhike
Chinese 且休, 中止, 亭, 休止, 住, 住手, 偃, 停, 停下, 停下来, 停住, 停息, 停机, 停止, 停步, 儅, 制止, 刹住, 刹车, 剎住, 剎车, 卡, 堨, 少, 居, 已, 弭, 息, 截, 截止, 扎住, 打住, 抵挡, 拒付, 拦住, 拫, 收, 收手, 杜, 杜塞, 柅, 歇, 止, 止住, 止步, 沮, 消停, 煞住, 空, , 站地, 终止, 綝, 罢, 跱, 踯, 辍, 辍止, 逗, 遏阻, 锢, 阕, 阻击, 阻截, 阻拦, 阻挡, 顿, 驻足


English station, way station, gasoline station, police station, railway station, place, post, send, assignment, base, degree, farm, sta, bus terminal
Chinese 台, 屯, , 臺, 铺, 闸口, 驻地, 驻扎


English website, web site
Chinese , 站点, 网址, 网站, 网点


English stand, stand up, stall, bear, bleachers, booth, carry away, estate, gueridon, league table, pedestal, place upright, rack, remain firm, score, shooting range, resistance, bandstand, base, point of view, digest, resist, standstill, tie up
Chinese 㝉, 主张, 受, 台, 台子, 宁, 展台, 展臺, 座, 搁, 末日逼近, 架子, 禁受, 立, 立足, 竖立, , 站住, 站立, 站起, 臺, 臺子, 起立, 企

站 antonyms

go on, continue, come on, carry on, hold on, proceed, progress, go, begin, commence, start, keep, prevent, move, drive, flow, run, again, let, aby, chinny reckon, come up, endure, go downtown, go down on, advance, blather, come to pass, maintain, proceed with, sustain, happen, live, rely on, go by, keep going, patronize, run on, tide over, once again, all over again, barrel roll, menachem begin, disk drive, line drive, drive on, drive through, flow rate, head start, keep open, rate of flow, voice, goo, arise, get down, gloop, go out, go away, go forward, go game, sludge, gunge, gunk, introduce, materialize, roll, roll out, roll up, run away, run for, start off, start out, start up, take it away, beginning, abide, activate, advancement, afresh, anew, another time, besides, further, in addition, moreover, once more, bear on, initiate, originate

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