synonyms and antonyms


English struggle, contest, compete, argue, fight, cope, postulate, stay
Chinese 争论, 争鸣, 周旋, 斗, , 角逐, 论战


English contend, contest, battle, conflict, effort, agony, contention, contortions, distress, endeavor, exertion, fight, pains, strife, agonize, aim, flounder, make effort, strive, toil, try, writhe, clamber, thrash about
Chinese 争夺战, 争斗, 奋战, 奋斗, 战斗, 扎, 拼搏, 挣扎, 搏战, 搏斗, 撑拒, 斗, 斗争, 斗批改, , 苦哈哈


English contend, competition, compete, struggle, action, battle, conflict, controversy, call into question, feud, repugn, tight
Chinese 争夺, 博弈, 对决, 征选, 比拼, 角逐, 赛, 较量, 争论


English contend, contest, vie
Chinese 争购, 交战, 出赛, 参赛, 对着干, 打对仗, 打对台, 抗, 摽, 比, 比赛, 争夺, , 竞争, 竞逐, 竞赛, 角, 赛, 较劲, 较量, 连战, 高下


English contest, competition, rival, contention, rivalry
Chinese 仗, 征选, 比赛, 竞争, 竞赛, 竞逐, 赛, 赛事


English race, lineage, hare, nation, dl, breed, subspecies, variety, raceway, slipstream, rush, run, strain
Chinese 人种, 族, 族类, 种族, 竞赛, 赛跑, 跑, 比赛, 种


English match, friction match, agree, check, correspond, couple, fit, fit together, game, gibe, jibe, lucifer, catch, peer, equal, pit, mate, pair, tally, twin
Chinese 匹配, 协调, 取灯儿, 合, 喜, 坒, 媲, 媲美, 对手, 对抗赛, 对, 搭, 搭调, 搭配, 比对, 比拟, 比赛, 火柴, 球, 相称, 相符, 相配, 相配人, 调协, 赛, 逑, 配


English auction bridge, auction off, auction sale, roup sale, auctioneer, vendue
Chinese 拍卖, 拍卖会, 招投标, 竞卖

竞 antonyms

cooperation, support, mismatch, discrepancy, financial support, cooperate, aid, coact, concur, co op, make common cause, collaborate, adopt, anchor, attend to, back up, backing, bankroll, bear, bread and butter, buttress, buy in, comfort, countenance, endorsement, endure, espouse, financial backing, funding, help, keep, livelihood, living, nerve, prop, reenforcement, reinforcement, rock, root for, solace, staff, stand, strut, documentation, accompaniment, underprop, confirm, digest, defend, patronize, subscribe, hold, back, corroborate, supporting, sustain, sustenance, tool post, supporter, base, holder

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