0 synonyms and antonyms

zero coupon bond

English zero coupon bond, accrual bond


English zero coupon bond, 0th, nothing, o, 0, zero


English nothing, zero, aught, bugger all, cipher, cypher, fuck all, goose egg, jack shit, minor thing, my eye, nada, naff all, naught, nil, nix, consequence, nought, null, zilch, zip, zippo


English o, zero, group o, type o, n, thunderbolt, oxygen, lordship, he, it, she, a, aah, an, and or, but, d b, from, his, in, ism, ly, non, ah, hey, oh, yo, or, orotidine, the, um, west


English nothing, o, 0, zero, love, aught, cipher, cypher, nil, nix, nought, oh, root, tare, goose egg, naught, no, null, additive identity, nadir, origin, slashed zero, zero out, zero coupon, zero in, zero point, zeroize, duck

0 antonyms

all, everything, act, work, every, play, one, anything, 1, x, matter, pole, help, celestial pole, magnetic pole, act as, act on impulse, child's play, do work, dramatic play, help oneself, household help, fishing pole, x ray, fragile x syndrome, busy, nickel, entire, nu, niš, swamped, fussy, in use, interfering, complete, complex differentiable, intact, stallion, full, industrious, occupy, overall, piece of work, put to work, theatre play, total, work on, field, being

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