1st synonyms and antonyms


English 1st, first, first base, first gear, first of all, first class honours degree, first off, first up, beginning, initiative, world class, firstly, foremost, from scratch, front, head, lead, number 1, number one, oneth, top
Portuguese pela primeira vez, primeira, primeiro
Swedish första, taknock, först, förste
Spanish primera, primero


English first, 1st
Swedish 1st, 1st armoured division
Spanish 1st, primero

1st antonyms

last, final, penicillin, consolation, next, second, big final, final examination, cobbler's last, last place, shoemaker's last, comfort, second of arc, second base, second gear, concluding, solace, solacement, cargo, after, afterward, coming, dowry, following, closing, end, ending, completion, extreme, dernier, finale, finish, hindmost, inappellable, net, series finale, ultimate, conclusion, fag end, stopping point, burden, load, weight, arcsecond, back, bovver, burden of proof, divine mercy sunday, endorse, endorsement, endure, first mate, indorse, indorsement, at end, latest, utmost, death, finally, lastly, in conclusion, continue, survive, side by side, succeeding, onus, pattern, persist

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