60 minutes synonyms and antonyms

60 minutes

English 60 minutes, hour


English 60 minutes, hour, stound, hr, minute, stroke, time of day
Norwegian tid, time
Portuguese hora, minuto, momento
sh sat, čas
Spanish hora, h, hora del día, minuto, momento
Finnish tunti, 60 minuuttia, aika, h, hetki, kellonaika, minuutti
French heure, minute
Japanese 時, 時間, h, hr, min, アウア, アワー, 分, 刻, 刻限, 半時, 時分, 時刻, 時剋, 秋
Malay jam, jauhnya, masa, pukul, saat saat, satu jam, waktu

60 minutes antonyms

minute, second, seconds, minute of arc, second helping, arcminute, little, min, miniscule, minuscule, infinitesimal, moment, narrow, teensy, atomic, arcsecond, back, divine mercy sunday, endorse, endorsement, first mate, indorse, indorsement, s, sec, other, twoth, 2nd, appendix:words used as placeholders to count seconds, second of arc, second base, irregular, second gear, secondly, secondment, latter

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