a one synonyms and antonyms

from each one

English each, each one, for each one, apiece


English one, one and only, them, they, 1, ace, eleven, i, first rate, right, unitary, single, unity, you, oxo, sand
Russian a one, один, одна, одно, он
German a one, ein, eins, man, mensch, sand, schnalzen, verstehen, on, der auserwählte, die auserwählte

a one antonyms

two, zero, another, double, crowd together, crowd, slashed zero, zero out, zero coupon, zero in, zero point, double over, double quick, many, many another, nothing, 0, love, some other, aught, bunch, cipher, crew, aggregation, audience, everyone, herd, push, cypher, gang, lot, lump, spectator, 2, deuce, ii, lot of, manes, meaning, much, multiple, nil, nix, nought, numerous, o, oh, root, someone else, tare, goose egg, naught, no, null, additive identity, nadir, origin, zeroize, duck

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