a.d synonyms and antonyms

and so forth

English and so on, etc, asf, etcetera, yada yada yada
Czech a tak dále, aj, atd
Slovak a tak ďalej, atď
Japanese など, などなど, 等々, 等等, その他, その外, だの, なぞ, なんぞ, なんど, エトセトラ, 云々, 云云, 其の他, 抔, 等


English anno domini, ad

anno domini

English a.d, anno domini, ad, ce, common era, in year of our lord
Czech a.d, l.p, léta páně, r.p, roku páně
Slovak a.d, anno domini, r.p, roku pána
Japanese 西暦, 西紀, 紀元


English anno domini, ce, ad, name, ac, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing, annis domini, area denial, assistant referee, ceo, give, given name, hat, hell, linesman, noun, provide, sell, them, they, unto, up to, your, domoic acid
Japanese a.d, ad, 紀元, 西暦, cm, アド, アドバタイジング, アドバタイズメント, パブリシティー, 宣伝, 常, 常しえ, 広告, 永, 永え, 永久, 永遠, 災害割増特約, 用, 長しえ


English anno domini, ad, cerium, person, teen, this, what, works council, that, these, european community, christian era, as though, cane, common era, cee, in way of, ish, it, like, ly
Czech ta, ten, to, n l
Slovak tento, toto, táto
Japanese あの, この, その, カスタマ エンジニア, カスタマエンジニア, カスタマー エンジニア, カスタマーエンジニア, シーイー, 西暦

a.d antonyms

b.c, before christ, bc, bce, before common era, a.c, ac, silver, fagales, step, tier, wick, argent, north pole, baoding, myasthenia gravis, post office, octopus, violence, ontology, cartography, museology, conservation biology, inequality, election, mimicry, sexually transmitted infection, pathology, retinopathy, taraxacum officinale, gleditsia aquatica, perciformes, tribe, geraniales, read only memory, turbocharger, kinship, party, neglect, paul, periodic table, rake, standstill, water beetle, white house, compulsory, forty, imitate, abcoulomb, acre, actinium, aev, b.c.e, ecb, christian era, needle, oak, who, year of our lord, alternating current, adult children, and, axiom of choice, but, chaff, hungry, no degree, de, da, un, also, at, concerning, deg, delaware, dee, ed, foreknow, from, he, in, in order to, in pinch, it, mass noun, nowise, outran, repaid, return ticket, s, see through, she, sneer, soap bubble, tend, tesl, th, than, that one, the, thereof, they, thimble, those, too, two, usurious, weird out, a, any, of, earthworm, cruise control, metal detector, reich, scabies, continue, eliminate, use, hitchhike, abolish, retain

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