a.m synonyms and antonyms

master of arts

English a.m, am, artium magister, ma, m.a


English master of arts, ante meridiem, amplitude modulation, a.m, forenoon, morning, am
Icelandic a.m, f.h, fyrir hádegi, árdegis
Portuguese a.m, da manhã
Spanish a m, de la mañana

ante meridiem

English a.m, ante meridiem, am, antemeridiem
Catalan am, antemeridià

amplitude modulation

Portuguese modulação em amplitude, modulação de amplitude
Spanish a.m, am, modulación de amplitud
Catalan a.m, am, amplitud modulada, modulació de amplitud


English master of arts, ante meridiem, amplitude modulation, a.m, am, americium, alm, aren’t, attometre, cunt, for, general, harness, have, midnight, my, point in time, spider, their, twat, adm, time, common, oecumenical, plebeian


English a.m, morning


English a.m, forenoon, morning, good morning, morning time, daylight, morn, baseline, cockcrow, dawn, day one, daybreak, sunrise, threshold
Icelandic fyrirmiðdagur, morgunn, árdegi

a.m antonyms

p.m, post meridiem, afternoon, ain't, aren't, aren’t, ain’t, pm, postmeridian, nighttime, night, are, evening, approximately, late, mist, night meal, supper time, time, following day, next day, good afternoon, mist over, picometer, dusk, good night, night out, nightbreak, nightfall, set, sprig, sunset, tassel, twilight, fog, manure, dung, evenfall, dwell, half light, haze, memo, performance management, autopsy, phase modulation, promethium, premier, prime minister, submachine gun, cpo, prosecutor, private message, arvo, belated, eve, even, undern, eventide, previous, recent, belatedly, deep, latterly, later, milk

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