aap synonyms and antonyms


English mizzen staysail, ape, yes, monkey
German affenschwanz, besanstagsegel, kreuzstagsegel, affe


English monkey, ape, parrot, river, road, street, take off, mash, bee, honeybee, anthropoid, copycat, caricature, ditto, honey bee, leaf
German affe, biene, hauptseite, menschenartige, nachäffen, menschenaffe, menschenäffin, äffin
nds aap, minschenordige, oop
Dutch aap, hominoidea, apin, mensaap


English yes, aye, bingo, definitely, does bear shit in woods, oh yeah, uh huh, w00t, yeah, affirmative, arr, ya, yep, yup, virginia
German ja, oh ja


English monkey, imp, putter, tamper
German affe, nachäffen, äffin
nds aap, aapkatt, aop, oop, oopkatt
Dutch aap, apin

aap antonyms

no, nay, negative, not, 86, ixnay, eighty six, con, need not, ney, additive inverse, disconfirming, electronegative, minus, undesirable, damaging, veto, negatively charged, nut, necessary, destitution, need, almost, banknote, dragnet, hardship, memo, night, ninety, no more, no longer, no way, bender, ˈ, n’t, non, now, oh no, other than, seine, shouldn't, swim, xor, yeah no, note, bill, in nick of time, my, nah, name, unsupported titles number sign, nope, ordinal number, nobelium, nor, noun, nw, onto, or, our, uh uh, yeah right, yep, you know, yup, zero

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