abandoned synonyms and antonyms


English cast aside, given over, cast away, cast off, given up, demitted, demoralized, discarded, impenitent, corrupted, depraved, derelict, dissolute, forsaken, graceless, hardened, careless, corrupt, deserted, impetuous, incorrigible, irreclaimable, obdurate, outcast, profligate, reckless, rejected, relinquished, reprobate, shameless, uninhibited, unprincipled, unrestrained, vicious, vile, wanton, wicked, wild, bad, good time

cast aside

English abandoned, abandon, abdicate, discard

cast away

English abandoned, cast away, throw away, discard, dispose, eliminate, get rid of

cast off

English abandoned, thrown away, fling off, throw off, abandon, abdicate, shed

given up

English abandoned, derelict, given up


English given up, forsaken, abandoned, careless, deserted, antiquated, bygone, delinquent, desolate, dilapidated, forlorn, neglected, neglectful, negligent, remiss, tumbledown, flea bitten, tatterdemalion, bagman, bum, hobo, tramp, vagabond, wreck, abandoned ship


English abandoned, disheartened


English abandoned, thrown away


English abandoned, hardened, unremorseful, unrepentant


English derelict, abandoned, desolate, forlorn


English depraved, impenitent, abandoned, case hardened, annealed, benumbed, callous, confirmed, deadened, habituated, incorrigible, indurated, insensible, inured, irreclaimable, obdurate, reprobate, seared, seasoned, steeled, tempered, trained, unfeeling, enured, set


English hardened, abandoned, reprobate, perverted


English abandoned, corrupt, debased, vitiated


English abandoned, debauched, dissipated, degenerate, good time


English abandoned, gauche, godless, clumsy, ungraceful, unpolished


English corrupted, abandoned, corrupt, addled, bad, crooked, tainted, suborn, defile, bribe, debase, debauch, demoralise, demoralize, deprave, lead astray, misdirect, pervert, poison, profane, shady, spoil, subvert, ugly, vitiate


English derelict, abandoned, carefree, negligent, sloppy, regardless, heedless, neglectful, slovenly, unwary


English derelict, abandoned, barren, desert, uninhabited

abandoned antonyms

careful, cautious, fair, pure, christian, inhabited, crowd together, crowd, fair haired, trade fair, village fair, rescue, graceful, conservative, timid, circumspect, deliver, deliverance, delivery, elegant, gracesome, judicious, provident, refined, wary, also, anxious, attentive, bunch, canny, concerned, discreet, heedful, leery, mindful, regardful, solicitous, thoughtful, troubled, uneasy, watchful, measured, crew, aggregation, audience, everyone, herd, push, deliberate, expectant, gang, impeccable, innocent, just, lot, lump, meticulous, recover, ttr, free, liberate, recapture, redeem, release, salvage, save, saving, strict, thrifty

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