abay synonyms and antonyms


English bridegroom, bridesmaid, enter, abay


English bridegroom, groom
fil abay, nobyo


English bridesmaid, maid of honor
fil abay sa kasal, dama sa kasal


English enter, move into, participate, return key, integer, come in, come into, go in, embark, insert, record, accede, enroll, figure, entire, get in, get into, go into, grafter

abay antonyms

go, go out, exit, leave, go steady, bride, eat out, go out to eat, court, alight, date, emerge, go snake, freak out, go whole hog, go all out, sack out, go to bed, out, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, go away, go game, outlet, way out, saint bridget, bridle, double bridle, egress, passing, die, flange, get out, issue

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