abbildung synonyms and antonyms


English delineation, depicting, word picture, portrayal
German abbildung, schilderung, darstellung


English depiction, illustration, representation, figure, image, picture
German illustration, abbild, bild, darbietung, darstellung, film, foto, funktion, kopie, projektion, vorstellung, ansicht, figur, injektion, surjektion


English figure, illustration, example, exemplification, and circuit, diagram, or circuit, imagination, artwork
German abbildung, illustration, abbild, figur, bebilderung, bild, darlegung, ergänzungsbild, illustrierung, schaubild, verdeutlichung


English image, internal representation, mental representation, account, action, agency, delegacy, likeness, theatrical performance


English illustration, image, figure, add up, effigy, enter, face, fig, design, number, human body, trope, name, digit, calculate, visualize, pattern, variegate, scenario
German abbildung, berechnung, figur, gesicht, gestalt, kennzahl, zahl, ziffer


English representation, picture, figure, image, disk image, mental image, copy, face, idea, idol, conception, counterpart, effigy, embodiment, likeness, range, reflection, resemblance, shape, similitude, simulacrum, value, ikon, persona, prototype, trope, double, visualize, paradigm, pic, frame, screen, mental picture, video, word picture
German abbildung, image, abbild, ansehen, bild, bildmenge, heiligenbild, name, renommee, reputation, ruf, form, idol, imago, statue, symbol, ansicht


English image, mental picture, word picture, depict, exposure, flick, photo, photograph, pic, pictorial matter, ikon, painting, movie, video, visualize, render, scene, show
German abbildung, abbild, bild, foto, gemälde

abbildung antonyms

statue, crop, doll, hunting crop, estimate, movie, accept, approximate, approximation, calculation, conjecture, estimation, appraisal, appraise, assessment, calculate, gauge, give, guess, idea, judge, effusion, browse, craw, harvest, clip, curtail, cut off, gather, mow, pluck, reap, reduce, snip, cultivate, dame, dolly, film, first stomach, flick, graze, reckon, maw, pasture, poppet, puppet, range, switch, whip, yield, motion picture, motion picture show

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