abdichten synonyms and antonyms


English waterproof, isolate, seal
German isolieren, dicht machen, dichten, dichtmachen, plombieren, versiegeln


English waterproof, mackintosh, raincoat, watertight, waterproofed
German abdichten, waterproof, wasserdicht, wasserfest, wasserundurchlässig


English abstract, insulate, segregate, sequester, seclude, selfsome
German abdichten, absondern, isolieren, separate


English seal, navy seal, seal off, united states navy seals, cork, saddle, sealing wax, cachet, block, enclose, varnish, sealskin, stamp, there
German abdichten, seal, abdichtung, dichten, plombieren, robbe, siegel, versiegeln, seehund, stempel

abdichten antonyms

disband, disintegrate, dissolve, cut of meat, cut, cut off, resolve, ground, earth, flat coat, background, footing, reason, land, establish, anchor, prime, get stranded, corchorus, cutaway, morning coat, burn, circumcise, snithe, emasculated, shortened, slashed, thinned, trimmed, mown, baseball swing, snub, deletion, stinger, geld, abridge, dilute, edit, reduce, ignore, write out, switch off, swerve, hack, cutting, cutting off, decrease, gash, hovel, juice, knife, lower, milled, motivation, run aground, terrain, track, prune, rationalise, rationalize, reap, retrench, skip, slash, slice, tailor, undercut

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