abdominal synonyms and antonyms


English stomach exercise, sit up, abdominal muscle, cypriniformes, abdominous, pushup, ventral, abs, ascites, ab, abdominal
French ventral, ab, abdominal, abdominale, abdo, mat
Portuguese ventral, abdominal
German abdominal, bauchmuskel, abdominell
Galician abdominal, músculo abdominal
Swedish abdominal, buk, mag, underlivs
Italian abdominal, addominale, ventrale

stomach exercise

Basque abdominal, flexio

sit up

English sit up, stay up
French sit up, abdominaux, abdos, abdo
Catalan abdominals, incorporar se
German sit up, aufrichten, aufsetzen
Spanish abdominal, sentarse

abdominal muscle

English abdominal, abs, ab


English abdominal muscle, abdominal, abs, abs brake, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, paragraph
French ab, abs, a b s, alinéa, système a b s, système de freinage antiblocage, depuis
German abs, antiblockiersystem


English abdominal muscle, abdominal, ab, group ab, type ab, abbot, from, off, bachelor of arts, an, at hands of, av, in respect of, inc, joint stock company, jsc
French abs, ab, abdo, av, avec, depuis, dès, mat, à partir de
German ab die post, ab trimo, hau ab, weit ab, su, abdrimo, an, aus, fort, herunter, hinab, hinaus, hinfort, hinunter, hinweg, mach dich fort, pack dich, pfui, platz, raus, raus mit dir, runter, scher dich, scher dich weg, seit, sitz, troll dich, verschwinde, von, von an, weg, weg mit dir, wissen wo der zimmermann das loch gelassen hat, zieh leine, zu, abgefallen, abgelegen, abgenommen, ablegen, befestigt, beseitigt, entfernt, gelöst, herab, hernieder, hinnieder, locker, lose, nicht, unbefestigt, ag, eu, bauchmuskeln
Galician ab, grupo ab, tipo ab
Swedish aktiebolag, från och med nu, från, försvinn, iväg, stick iväg, bort


English abdominal, ventral, adaxial
French abdominal, ventral
Portuguese abdominal, ventral
German ventral, adaxial
oc ventral, sadol


English abdominal, cypriniformes, order cypriniformes
Catalan cipriniforme, cipriniformes


English paunchy, potbellied
Swedish bukig, rund, rundmagad, tjockmagad, trind


Spanish flexión de codos, plancha


English abdominal, ascites, hydroperitoneum

abdominal antonyms

get up, sit down strike, sit down, sit, get to one's feet, stand up, dress up, work up, go up, get someone's back up, get someone's dander up, get someone's irish up, get on up, get down, dorsal, have one's back up, be seated, seat, take load off, alley oop, arise, clear up, get through, finish up, follow up, get back to, get hold, line up, get one's skates on, hurry up, rise, cram, organize, raise, get move on, mop up, shut up, get out, snap it up, get cracking, turn out, uprise, wrap up, lateral, an, getting up, get worked up, get it up, get one's hopes up, raise someone's hackles, get all mixed up, get knocked up, get mixed up, get dressed up, get stuck up, get fired up, lateral pass, abaxial, dorsum, thoracic vertebra, anu, year, moment, crabwise, winger, side, sidelong, wing, getting stuck up, open, at, on, onto, toward, unto, upon, to, a, per, associate in nursing, and, ane, ar, at rate of, blame, ditch, er, id, instant, inure, ling, moat, one's, or, the, their, unique, school year, up, juncus, seth, rush, satiated, set, accept, be

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