abenddämmerung synonyms and antonyms


English twilight, gloaming
German abenddämmerung, dämmerung


English crepuscule, dusk, twilight, crepuscle, dawn, evenfall, fall, gloam, gloaming, half light, nightfall, twilit, sundown
German abenddämmerung, dämmerstunde, dämmerung, zwielicht


English twilight, nightbreak, nightfall, set, sprig, sunset, tassel, evenfall, half light

abenddämmerung antonyms

dawn, morning, daybreak, break of dawn, good morning, morning time, crack of dawn, sunrise, daylight, appear, aurora, break of day, cockcrow, beginning, click, dawning, dayspring, first light, sunup, these, forenoon, morn, a.m, baseline, day one, threshold

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