aber aber synonyms and antonyms


German mündung, ästuar, flussmündung


English again, once again, all over again, afresh, anew, another time, besides, further, in addition, moreover, once more, repetition
German aber, erneut, nochmals, sodann, wieder, wiederum, zurück


English but, thigh, stump, apart from, boot, bud, bar, except for, however, yet, merely, conversely, except, goal, on other hand, purpose, shoe, sprout, aim, butt, end, intent, objective, target, finish, butane, booting
German aber, behuf, schuh, sondern, ziel, zweck, bar, sinn

aber aber antonyms

dog, permanent, stop, or, eye, and, permanent wave, tip, point, poignant, prong, sharp, perm, and or, departure, domestic dog, inclusive or, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, there, once, never, cold perm, continual, durable, enduring, lasting, longevous, start, sailing, starting signal, passing, originate, begin, alloy, as soon as, at some time, birchbark, eleven, erstwhile, ongoing, permanently, standing committee, abiding, constant, continuous, eternal, everlasting, invariable, perennial, perpetual, standing, steadfast, unceasing, uninterrupted, inveterate, on going, unfluctuating, unswerving, unvarying, abort, bag, baiting place, barrier, block, broon, broonale, canine, canis familiaris, catch, come to halt, conclude, cur, delay, detain, andiron, bloke, cad, click, hound, pooch, stud, pawl, frank, frump, chase, soldier, doggy, eyelet, perceptiveness

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