aberrant synonyms and antonyms


English around bend, goofy, silly, wacky, zany
French aberrant, drôle, déraisonnable, fou

around bend

English whacky, round bend, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kookie, kooky, loco, loony, loopy, nuts, nutty, wacky
French aberrant, branque, cinglé, dingue, fou, marteau, simplet
Catalan guillat, sonat, tarat, tocat, ximple


English around bend, deviant, brainsick, harebrained, abnormal, insane, meaningless, nonsensical, whacky, different, preposterous, variable, aberrant
French aberrant, aberrante, absurde, anormal, atypique, déraisonnable, extravagant, fou, grotesque, idiot, insensé, loufoque, ridicule, saugrenu
German aberrant, abirrend, abnorm, anormal, abwegig, töricht, aberrations, aussergewöhnlich, irre, regelwidrig, toll, ungewöhnlich, verrückt, wahnsinnig, widersinnig
Dutch aberrant, onconventioneel, abnormaal, afdwalend, afwijkend, dol, dolzinnig, gek, krankzinnig, onzinnig, stapel, uitzinnig, waanzinnig, zinledig, zinloos, buitensporig


English harebrained, brainsick, insane, crazy, mad, bananas, barking, barking mad, barmy, batcrap, batpoop, bats, batshit, batty, bonkers, bread baskets, cook, cracked, crackers, cray, cray cray, crazed, cuckoo, daft, demented, doolally, dotty, eccentric, fruit loops, fucked up, hatstand, kooky, loony, loony tunes, loopy, lunatic, mental, mentally disturbed, non compos mentis, nucking futs, nuts, nutso, nutty, potty, psycho, psychotic, screwy, squirrelly, weird, whacko
French aberrant, insane, absurde, fou, insensé, délirant, dément, dérangé
German insane, irrsinnig, wahnsinnig, 1nsane, toll, geisteskrank, verrückt
Dutch gestoord, waanzinnig


English insane, mad
French insane, aberrant, farfelu, fou, insensé


English aberrant, deviant, pervert, deviate
French aberrant, déviant
German abnormal, abweichend, pervers


English deviant, aberrant, abnormal, enormous, heteroclite, preternatural, teratoid, unnatural, unwholesomeness, morbidness, morbidity
French anormal, exceptionnel, hors norme, inhabituel
German abnormal, abartig, abnorm, anomal, anormal, unnormal, krankhaft, pervers, ungewöhnlich


English crazy, demented, disturbed, mad, sick, unbalanced, unhinged
French aberrant, insane, dément, fou
Catalan boig, desequilibrat, trastocat


English preposterous, nonsense
French aberrant, absurde
German unsinnig, sinnwidrig, widersinnig


English nonsensical, absurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, laughable, ludicrous, foolish, irrational, ridiculous
French aberrant, insensé, ridicule, abracadabrant, absurde, dérisoire, stupide
German absurd, grotesk, irrational, unerträglich, unmöglich, unsagbar, unsäglich
Catalan absurd, desraonat, estúpid, incoherent, incongruent, irracional


English insignificant, negligible, purposeless, unavailing, nonmeaningful, semantics free, senseless, slight, unmeaning
French aberrant, dénué de sens, dépourvu de sens, absurde
German belanglos, inhaltslos, nichtssagend, sinnfrei, bedeutungslos, sinnlos
Dutch betekenisloos, zinloos


English aberrant, apart, disparate, dissimilar, distinct, other, several, sundry, unalike, unlike, unusual, various, diverse, heterogeneous
French différent, autre, distinct
German anders, andersfarbig, unterschiedlich, verschieden, vielfältig, diverse, strange
Dutch anders, ongelijk, verschillend
Catalan diferent, distint


English aberrant, variable, variable quantity, variable star, changeable, commutable, protean, uncertain, alterable, fickle, varying, parameter, versatile, changing, floating, fluctuating, ever changing, inconstant, mutable
French variable, divers, changeant, paramètre, valeur
German variable, abänderlich, freibleibend, merkmal, unterschiedlich, variabel, datencontainer, datenspeicher, gesuchte, unbekannte, veränderliche, veränderlicher speicher, veränderbar
Dutch variabele, regelbaar, variabel, veranderlijk, verenigbaar
oc variable, variabla

aberrant antonyms

identical, selfsame, alike, meaningful, significant, stable, unchanging, garden variety, bog standard, regular, normal, natural, coherent, similar, constant, alike p, constant quantity, homogeneous, sane, changeless, healthily, in one's right mind, reputable, same, very, decent, comme il faut, fitting, purpose, lucid, tenacious, suchlike, likewise, clear, conformable, connected, consistent, critical, crucial, equal, fixed, homogenous, indistinguishable, superposable, important, like, logical, monovular, ordered, play with full deck, pregnant, reasonable, self same, sledge, static, vocable, standard, regulate, tune, assiduous, truehearted, unfaltering, unvarying, unaffected, native, perpendicular, run of mill, usual, mediocre, so so, baffle, time, adjust, aim, amicable, caffeinated, cancel, canonical, comfortable in one's own skin, common, steady, never ending, constantly, continuous, denizen, design, dullard, end, enduring, equable, even, fixture, frequent, genuine, habitue, heart, inevitable, intent, intention

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