abfahren synonyms and antonyms


English set sail, depart, remove, leave
German abreisen, stehen, fortfahren, niftern, packen, wegfahren


English leave, part, quit, set forth, set off, set out, sod off, start, start out, take leave, take off, abandon, deviate, die, go, sidetrack
German abfahren, abfliegen, abreisen, aufbrechen, verlassen


English 86, abate, abstract, amove, amputate, displace, eject, eliminate, expel, export, farness, get out, move, unstay, absent, get rid of, murder, take out, skim, take, take away, take off, transfer, withdraw
German abfahren, abdecken, ablegen, ablösen, abmachen, ausbauen, beseitigen, detachieren, entfernen, wegmachen, wegräumen


English depart, leave, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, abandon, allow, allow for, bequeath, dissociate, go, go away, go forth, go out, holiday, lead, leaf, farewell, forget, exit, entrust, impart, let alone, provide, pull up stakes, relinquish, resign, result, rive, say so, spare time, take off, time off
German abfahren, abreisen, belassen, freistellung, hinterlassen, verlassen, wegfahren, weggehen, erlaubnis, verlaub, lassen, zurücklassen

abfahren antonyms

arrive, enter, accede, come, do, settle, conform, live, carry, cover, bring, help, add, add up, add together, settle down, cover version, arrival, agree, band together, come around, assent, submit, accept, according to, board, circuit board, concede, acquiesce, adjust, conformable, book cover, cover charge, cover band, cover song, cover up, enlist, give way, help oneself, household help, sandwich board, attempt, include, adjudicate, advent, aim, appear, appearance, arrange, arrivals, attain, get to, arriver, assay, effort, try, attack, take stab at

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