abfahrt synonyms and antonyms

slip road

German abfahrt, autobahnauffahrt


English slip road, departure, exit, start
German start, abfahrtslauf, abreise, abwärtsfahrt, ausfahrt, autobahnabfahrt, autobahnausfahrt, bahn, berg, berghang, böschung, delle, fahrtbeginn, gefälle, hang, hügel, hügelhang, idiotenhang, idiotenhügel, neige, neigung, rampe, schiefe ebene, schräge, schräggelände, schussfahrt, senke, tal, talhang, abzweig


English start, departure, leaving, deviation, passing, difference, egress, going, going away, retirement
German abfahrt, the departure, abreise, aufbruch, ausreise, auszug, abflug


English exit, outlet, way out, egress, passing, die, get out, go out, issue, leave
German abfahrt, ausfahrt, ausgang, ausweg, hinausgehen


English departure, start, head start, start off, start out, start up, beginning, activate, begin, commence, embark on, execute, fistfight, from scratch, get going, go, inception, initiative, introduce, materialize, move, ring up curtain, scratch, scratch line, set off, blastoff, liftoff, take off, twitch, startle, starting signal, get down, originate, depart, protrude, starting, starting line, switch on, take up
German abfahrt, start, abbaumen, abflug, abschuss, anbrechen, anfang, anfangen, aufbruch, aufnahme, beginn, beginnen, einleiten, einstieg, mitwirkung, ruck, abheben, starten, flip, launch

abfahrt antonyms

ring down curtain, stop, arrival, entrance, entry, complete, finish, end, door, enter, accounting entry, ledger entry, journey, entrance hall, purpose, destination, target, advent, car door, finish up, finish off, goal, arrive, come to end, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, return key, integer, admission, appear, appearance, approach, arrivals, attain, come, get to, arriver, come in, come into, comer, done, entire, accomplished, concluded, consummate, unadulterated, accomplish, dispatch, conclude, do, go in, embark, insert, record, accede, enroll, figure, entering, admittance, doorway, ingang, capture, entranceway, entree, access, article, element

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