abflauen synonyms and antonyms


English fall, fall down, drop, descent, waterfall, autumn, bad, case, come, decline, descend, devolve, downfall, decrease, rap, capitulation, spill, twilight, become, come down, die, responsibility, hang, accrue, precipitate, grammatical case, halyard, instance, jeer, light, pass, pin, return, settle, shine, strike, tumble, function
German abflauen, fall, der fall, absturz, abstürzen, akte, begebenheit, beugfall, einnachten, entfallen, abstieg, casus, kasus, niedergang, patient, fallen, fragestellung, herbst, purzeln, rückgang, sturz, stürzen, sündenfall, bani

abflauen antonyms

arise, get up, rise, get to one's feet, stand up, dress up, work up, go up, stand, hold up, stand up comedy, stick up, ascent, ascend, climb, get someone's back up, get someone's dander up, get someone's irish up, get on up, get down, have one's back up, mat, alley oop, clear up, get through, finish up, follow up, get back to, get hold, line up, get one's skates on, hurry up, cram, organize, raise, get move on, mop up, shut up, get out, snap it up, get cracking, turn out, uprise, wrap up, winter, fly, spring, standing, season, summer, hang, tie up, hold water, bristle, spring season, get worked up, get it up, get one's hopes up, raise someone's hackles, get all mixed up, get knocked up, get mixed up, get dressed up, get stuck up, get fired up, climb up, flying, fast flying, gym mat, hang about, hang up, hang down, acclivity, tent fly, fly ball, fly front, fly sheet, natural spring, summer tree, well spring, matt, increase, food, checkmate, mate, quantify, appear, accrue, begin, come, come into being, emerge, ensue, follow, get out of bed, issue, mount, occur, originate, pop up, proceed, reappear, rebel, result, revolt, soar, spring up, start up, surface, move up, be born, bob up, scale, wax, climbing, come up, materialize, mounting, upgrade, well up

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