abflussrohr synonyms and antonyms

waste pipe

English drain, drainpipe


English waste pipe, drain, culvert, enfeeble, drainage, drainpipe, kennel, leech, outhole, run out
German abflussrohr, abfliessen, ablass, abwasserleitung, ausguss, abfluss


English outlet pipe, exit pipe, drain pipe, waste pipe, drain
German abfluss, abwasserrohr

abflussrohr antonyms

fill, fill up, fill in, stop up, flood, cloy, permeate, close, noah and flood, flood tide, flood lamp, thread, alluvion, deluge, drown, inundate, overfill, floodlight, flowage, glut, inundation, occupy, outpouring, overflow, oversupply, photoflood, recur, return, stopper, surfeit, take, torrent, weft, stuff, son, child, cub, logos, filling, pervade, meet, satiate, fold, make full, up, straight up, astir, improving, upward, alley oop, upwardly, upwards, turn up, wards

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