abhorrer synonyms and antonyms


English detester, abominator, abhor, detest, loathe, hate
French abominer, détester, exécrer, avoir horreur, vomir


English abhorrer, loather


English loathe, abominate, execrate
French abhorrer, avoir horreur, abominer, détester, exécrer, vomir


English loathe, hate, disgust
French abhorrer, abominer, avoir horreur, détester, exécrer, mépriser


English detest, abhor
French abhorrer, abominer, avoir horreur, détester, exécrer


English detest, hate, hatred
French abhorrer, abominer, détester, exécrer, haine, haïr, mépriser

abhorrer antonyms

enjoy, love, like, respect, care, give care, giving rose, sexual love, erotic love, relish, savor, savour, think highly of, think well of, peer, roll in hay, abide by, attention, bask, deference, delight in, delight, esteem, have high regard for, honor, honour, aid, anxiety, burden, carefulness, caution, concern, custody, guardianship, heed, keep, oversight, perplexity, regard, responsibility, solicitude, superintendence, trouble, vigilance, wariness, watchfulness, worry, wish, manage, charge, deal with, face, maintenance, observe, prise, prize, admiration, aspect, obedience, revere, reverence, value, awe, honoring, accord, meet

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