abide synonyms and antonyms

carry away

English abide, bring away, carry out, take away, afford, bear, put up with, suffer, transport


English carry away, hold on, stand to, stay over, tarry, await, brook, dwell, sustain, tolerate, digest, bide, memorial, monument, continue, endure, keep, wait, stay, come after, linger

hold on

English abide, keep, go on, hang on, belock, cool one's heels, keep faith, persevere, grasp, just minute, just second, stop


English carry away, tolerate, digest, abide, stay, nut up, put up with, remain, suffer, take, aby, bear, accept, carry on, experience, go on, last, permit, persist, resist, stomach, prevail, survive, wear, weather, have legs


English hold on, stay over, abide, sustain, continue, keep open, brambling, cape, care, detain, donjon, dungeon, hang on, hang onto, hold, support, preserve, retain, hold back, observe, prevent, maintain, stay fresh
Turkish saklamak, tutmak

stay over

English stay, abide, keep, sleep over, stop over, lodge, quarter, sojourn, remain, stop off


English stay over, await, continue, abide, endure, bide, tarry, wait, stay on, stay put, delay, detain, keep one's word, remain, rest, restraint, sojourn, staff, mastrope, arrest, attend, bear, blin, cancel, cease, contend, curb, quell, last out, persist, stick, stick around, suspension
Turkish durmak, kalmak


English abide, await, stay, linger, poke along, bituminize, pitchy, resinous, forestall, hang about, sojourn, loiter


English tarry, abide, bide, stay, wait, remain, wait for, attend to, expect, listen, look


English memorial, monument, repository
Turkish abide, anıt


English monument, memorial, brass, commemoration, remembrance, reminder
Turkish abide, anıt


English abide, tolerate, digest, aby, bear, beck, creek, rivulet, stream, burn, coulee, apply, runnel, stomach, swallow, take sitting down, thole, undergo


English abide, archery, consist, brood, harp, inhabit, lie in, live
Turkish eğleşmek, ikamet etmek, kalmak, oturmak


English abide, keep, aid, buttress, go on, maintain, perpetuate, proceed with, assist, bear, establish, suffer, confirm, nourish, hold, prolong
Turkish muhafaza etmek, sürdürmek


English abide, brook, endure, digest, bear, countenance, put up with, allow, suffer


English abide, brook, endure, tolerate, digest, bear, concentrate, condense, compilation, arrange, sort out, long and short, pandect, put up, putting together, stand, stick out, stomach, suffer, support, synopsis
Turkish hazmedilmiş olan, düzenlemek, tertip etmek


English abide, await, stay, bite, apparently, live, put up with, stand by, bidet, path, vine, way, course, means, road, passage, travel plan, duct


English await, abide, stay, wait on, hold back, hold off, just minute, just second, waiting, delay, attend, bestand, defer, hold one's breath, linger, expect, waitress, white


English abide, stay, keep, bear on, carry on, continuation bet, proceed, retain, cover, go along, go on, keep on, last, maintain, persist in, preserve, proceed with, uphold
Turkish devam etmek, sürmek

abide antonyms

discontinue, terminate, break, pause, interrupt, stop, bestseller, curfew, flea, escape, go, give, drop, exchange, give away, denounce, disclose, let on, best seller, escape key, abate, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, cease, chime, conclude, do, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, give up, lay off, lucky break, percussion break, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, end, fire, deliver, running away, breath, come in, come, come up, come up with goods, cut off, free, utter, give birth, render, hand over, surrender, extradite, rescue, disarrange, disengage, disrupt, disturb, downtime, drive home

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