abo synonyms and antonyms


English australian aborigine, lubra, boong, jacky, turku, gin, mary, ash, grey, or

australian aborigine

English aborigine, native australian
Finnish abo, australian aboriginaali, australian alkuasukas, aboriginaali


English abo, gin


English lubra, abo, gin, cotton gin, gin rummy, gen, if, trap, snare, begin, knock rummy
Finnish gini, ginirommi, puhdistaa puuvillaa, saada ansaan
Portuguese gin, gim, gins
Spanish gin, ginebra, entrampar
Slovak gin, džin


English boong, abo, jacky


English jacky, abo, fuzzy wuzzy angel


English turku, turkish, åbo
Finnish turku, tori
Portuguese abo, turku
Spanish abo, turku


English abo, mary, mary martin, bier, blessed virgin
Finnish mary, maria, marja


English ash, ash tree, cremains, cinder
Finnish tuhka, saarni, saarnipuu, tuhkata
Portuguese cinza, cinzas, freixo
Spanish ceniza, hacer ceniza


English grey, grey haired, lady jane grey, second earl grey, zane grey, dog translations, gray, gray haired, grayish
Portuguese cinza, cinzento, gris
Uzbek kul, kulrang, sur
Spanish gris, rebaño
fil abo, grey, abuhin, kulay abo
Slovak sivá, sivý


English or, and or, inclusive or, alder, gold, aureate, amber, cloud, ear, er, gold translations, now, ster, o, operating room, oregon, ore, pray, shame, slash, to, wood, dog, gilded, darling
Finnish tai, vai, kulta
Portuguese idade, ou, ouro
Spanish o, u, oro
Slovak abo, alebo, zlatá

abo antonyms

either, both, nor, and, but, neither, cloud, eye, daughter in law, each, at same time, booth, hut, ah, ee, ed, electrical engineering, egg translations, marriage, norwegian, so what, than, ugh, who, year, egg, duck, as well as, end, plus, canard, gift, oath, slash, mrs, ms, andes, thigh, stump, apart from, boot, bud, bar, except for, however, yet, merely, conversely, except, goal, on other hand, purpose, shoe, sprout, aim, butt, intent, objective, target

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