act synonyms and antonyms


English act on impulse, act as, actuality, enactment, proceeding, impersonate, decree, edict, feat, ordinance, pretense, statute, bill, deed, fact, reality, law, number, turn, act, portray, pretend, dissemble, work, behave, bit, conduct, conduct oneself, do, have effect, human action, human activity, move, play, playact, represent, roleplay, routine, take action
Welsh act, actau


English act, reality


English act, promulgation, portrayal, passage


English act, legal proceeding, measure, procedure, step, proceedings


English act, pose, portray


English edict, act, adjudge, command, rule, destine, fiat, judge, order, rescript


English decree, act, edict


English feat, fact, reality, act, deed, deed of conveyance, action, achievement, contract, derring do, document, indenture, truth, effort, exploit, letterbox, thing, title


English deed, act, action, achievement, masterpiece


English actuality, deed, act, reality, real reality, reality show, realism, truth, world, realness


English act, statute, by law, codified, legislative act


English act, ordinance, ordination, regulation


English act, false pretense, disguise, dissembling, feigning, make believe, pretence, pretending, affectation, fiction, imitation, pretext, sham, subterfuge, guise, pretension, simulation


English deed, act


English act, good turn, turn of events, turn over, turn round, artistic gymnastics, tower, action, bout, determine, flip, gas, grace notes, grow, lathe, move, move around, play, release, rook, round, swirl, bend, change, complete, dizziness, loop, twist, turning, go, become, go bad, rebel, rotate, change by reversal, change state, sour, call on, flex, plow
Romanian tură, învârti


English act, bill, bank bill, banker's bill, bill hook, account, bank note, banknote, beak, billhook, billman, polearm, broadsheet, measure, handbill, invoice, note, placard, poster, neb, nib, pecker, mattock, pickaxe, circular, charge, buck, eyeshade, federal reserve note, government note, greenback, peak, plowshare, visor, vizor, billion
Romanian halebardă, cioc, plisc, inventar, listă


English act, law, law of nature, natural law, practice of law, books of moses, jurisprudence, police, lion, order, pentateuch, torah
Romanian drept, lege


English act, number, phone number, telephone number, add up, adherents, cipher, figure, keep down, list, digit, numeral, scalar, issue, count, total, reckon, selection, statistic, supporters

act antonyms

do nothing, do naught, false, untrue, paycheck, belief, dream, coin, opinion, fiction, band, check, lie, sin, do, straight, faineant, idler, slacker, real, nothing, public opinion, dance band, bank check, check mark, check into, check off, check out, check out procedure, check over, check up on, pipe dream, legal opinion, trygve halvden lie, payroll check, straight ahead, do nothing plan nothing, groin, lies, coins, mendacious, trust, lease, unfaithful, out of true, untruthful, ribbon, tape, sine, son, judgment, conveyor belt, cheque, scythe, qing dynasty

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