adequate synonyms and antonyms


English fair to middling, seemly, enough, equal, ok

fair to middling

English adequate, passable, tolerable


English adequate, apposite, appropriate, becoming, decent, expedient, fitting, proper, suitable, comme il faut, well behaved


English adequate, plenty, sufficiency, sufficient, enow


English adequate, able, be, equivalent, even, identical, peer, entail, equalise, equalize, equate, like, match, rival, touch


English adequate, ok, o.k, arrow, all right, also, and, axis, ca, copacetic, eight, most, now, okey dokey, oklahoma, allowed, fine, hunky dory, okay, approval, green light, okla, adequately, very well, approve, greenlight, reason, righty ho, sure, sure thing, yoke, copesettic

adequate antonyms

bad, badly, ill, poor, inadequate, inequality, sufficient, unfair, little, ng, too much, overmuch, unseemly, forbidden, insufficient, ill favoured, ill intentioned, inconsistency, inequation, poor people, lacking, absent, poorly, disadvantageously, mischievously, seriously, behave, deficient, improper, defective, incompetent, unsuitable, unsufficient, jejune, lenns, little bit, short, unequal, unbecoming, verboten, lack, too, much, lacquer, varnish, absence, also, bad off, badly off, deficiency, feeble, proscribed, he, impecunious, indigent, inexistence, it, lac, dearth, need, scarcity, shortage, miss, missing, paint, devenustate, unjust, want, wanting, without

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