adjute synonyms and antonyms


English adjute, aid, financial aid, hades, adjutor, care, assist, befriend, bestand, cooperate, help, promote, relieve, succor, support, sustain, assistance, attend to, bestead, comfort, contribute, favor, grip, lift

adjute antonyms

hinder, support, financial support, obstacle, obstruct, prevent, stifle, abatis, back, clog, conclude, cross, detain, disturb, embarrass, hind, bar, delay, handicap, impede, hurdle, impediment, adopt, anchor, attend to, back up, backing, bankroll, bear, bread and butter, buttress, buy in, comfort, countenance, endorsement, endure, espouse, financial backing, funding, help, keep, livelihood, living, nerve, prop, reenforcement, reinforcement, rock, root for, solace, staff, stand, strut, documentation, accompaniment, underprop, confirm, digest, defend, patronize, subscribe, hold, corroborate, supporting, sustain, sustenance, tool post, supporter, base, holder

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