agree synonyms and antonyms

come into accord

English come to agreement, agree, get along

come to agreement

English come into accord, agree, get along


English come into accord, come to agreement, fit together, accede, acquiesce, coincide, concur, harmonize, concord, accept, approve, arrange, bargain, consent, match, consort, fit, compound, suit, hold, in accord, listen

fit together

English coincide, harmonize, agree, get along


English fit together, concur, agree, coincide, co occur, cooccur


English fit together, agree, concord, consort, chord, fit in, harmonise, reconcile


English fit together, agree, fit, match, friction match, check, correspond, couple, game, gibe, jibe, lucifer, catch, peer, equal, pit, mate, pair, tally, twin


English concur, accept, agree, consent, resign oneself, abide by, assent, comply, submit, yield, condescend, conform


English acquiesce, coincide, agree, accord, assemble, cooperate


English agree, accept, band together, come around, assent, submit, concede, enlist, enter, give way


English accede, acquiesce, agree, approve, consent, adoption, acknowledge, acquire, admit, assent, avow, construe, derive, embrace, estimate, gain, get, obtain, onfang, receive, regard, take, value, withtake, bear, adopt, bite off, buy, endure, go for, have, live with, sit, swallow, take on


English acquiesce, agree, accept, consent, assent, acquiescence, agreement, approval, permission


English agree, harmonize, concord, concord grape, agreement, capital of new hampshire, lexington, harmony, meeting of minds


English harmonize, agree, consort, spouse, affiliate, associate, assort, association, band, companion, choir, hang out, run


English accept, agree, adopt, authorize, countenance, like, o.k, ok, okay, sanction


English agree, adjust, classify, construct, determine, dispose, distribute, prepare, settle, dress, format, stage, conclude, digest, fix up, instrument, negotiate, order, put, put in order, set, set up


English agree, agreement, contract, purchase, steal, dicker, buy, chaffer, cheap, deal, snip


English agree, match, suit, fit, apoplectic fit, foot, able, apt, blowout, conniption, proper, primed, flurry, burst, paroxysm, meet, equip, go, in condition, in shape, interest, metrical foot, outfit, scene, spasm, spawner, stroke of apoplexy, suitable, tantrum, throe, tight, whistle


English agree, chemical compound, compound word, combine, composite, colonial, gaol, amalgam, assemble, augment, settle, intensify, conjugate, nelarabine, put together


English fit, agree, suit, suit of clothes, accommodate, action, attention, courtship, lawsuit, become, befit

agree antonyms

disapprove, disavow, dissent, disagree, diverge, decline, deny, reject, highway robbery, refuse, leave, rip, off, rip off, flimflam, deceit, shakedown, sham, swindle, heist, tear away, steal, cheat, disapprove of, disharmonize, dissonate, alienate, rip current, tide rip, disagreement, expensive, abjure, alien, estrange, beg to differ, blame, conflict, convict, differ, disaccord, condemn, rebuke, disclaim, discord, disown, protest, disunite, deviate, divaricate, divide, radiate, vary, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, look askance, marginalize, recant, repudiate, swallow, turn away, argue, disperse, capstan, abdicate, abnegate, abstain, autumn, break up, cherished, comedown, consumption, contend, contradict, correct, countercurrent, crosscurrent, debate, decay, declension, declination, atrophy, decadence, degeneracy, deterioration, downfall, falling off, phthisis, wane, descent, avoid

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