alloy synonyms and antonyms


English metallic alloy, admixture, debase, amalgam, crazy, metal, alloy


English alloy, mix, intermixture


English alloy, abastard, adulterate, abase, corrupt, demean, humiliate, vulgarize, weaken


English alloy, amalgam, dental amalgam, compound


English crazy, mentally ill, nutcase, weirdo, barmy, bonkers, bug, deranged, mad, off chain, thesaurus:insane, brainsick, dotty, softheaded, lunatic, insane, looney, loony
ilo alloy, agmuyot, alintaweng, allot, ambagel, ambreng, ammangaw, antutit, appat, attit, bagtit, balla, bultik, ketit, kuwatit, mauyong, murtit, talpeng, tiwel, ullog


English alloy, metal, heavy metal, heavy metal music, metalhead, metallic element, brass instrument, metallic, brass

alloy antonyms

nonmetal, wood, wooden, plastic, mineral, glass, stone, country, softness, sane, country music, drinking glass, field glass, looking glass, glass in, healthily, in one's right mind, plastic explosive, play with full deck, reasonable, sledge, soft serve, soft, effeminacy, gentleness, indistinctness, balminess, unfitness, edward durell stone, harlan fisk stone, harlan fiske stone, isidor feinstein stone, lucy stone, oliver stone, vocable, wood lot, ellen price wood, grant wood, natalie wood, sir henry joseph wood, cling film, nonmetallic, ice cream, boner, caressing, cuddlesome, easy, fluffy, forest, limp, lumber, ersatz, fake, malleable, formative, moldable, pliant, credit card, saran wrap, putty explosive

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