arsenic synonyms and antonyms


English atomic number 33, diarsenic trioxyde, arsenous anhydride, arsenic trioxide, white arsenic, arsenous oxide, ratsbane, as, arsenic
French as, arsenic, arsénique, car

arsenic trioxide

English arsenic, arsenic trioxide

white arsenic

English arsenic, white arsenic oxide
French arsenic, oxyde blanc d arsenic


English arsenic, as, as does, as hell, insofar as, ace, flat, altostratus, and, arcsec, arcsecond, american samoa, every bit, ase, ash, asperger's syndrome, attosecond, axis, axis power, carcass, carrion, cinder, corpse, ermine, est, forthy, if, little, ltd, mp, second of arc, united states of america, usa, you, æsir, angiotensin converting enzyme, breeze through, axle, volcanic ash
French as, aussi, axe, cadavre, cador, car, cendre, comme, crack, le, pendant que, que, syndrome d’ angelman, tant, à l’ instar de, à mesure que

arsenic antonyms

donkey, metaphor, burro, ass, domestic ass, dullard, fish

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