been synonyms and antonyms


English tie, womb, game, play, cathetus, lay, limb, prop, stage, peg, branch, logist, logy
nds been, bein


English leg, bone
Dutch graat, knok, onderbeen, poot, schonk, bot


English bone, bury bone, fishbone, rib, debone, cram, fillet, ivory, off white, os, osseous tissue, pearl, well
nds been, bein
Dutch been, bone, bot

been antonyms

flesh, arm, cartilage, skin, hand, muscle, shitly, arms, coat of arms, muscle stiffness, at hand, on hand, hired hand, hand translations, helping hand, skinhead, weaponry, gristle, fat, meat, human body, pulp, brawn, cutis, deskin, drum head, hide, weapon, needy, poor

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