beginning synonyms and antonyms

early days

English beginning, early innings, youth


English early days, from scratch, get go, commencing, kickoff, incipient, rootage, showtime, initial, origin, commencement, initiation, offset, outset, element, dawn, root, first, head, beginning, source, spark, start, starting time

from scratch

English beginning, from ground up, rootedly


English from scratch, beginning, head, first, first base, first gear, first of all, first class honours degree, first off, first up, 1st, initiative, world class, firstly, foremost, front, lead


English beginning, kickoff, send off, start off


English incipient, beginning, initial, coterminal, drop cap, opening, original


English beginning, initial, incipient, nascent, emerging, inchoate, beginner


English beginning, root system


English beginning, showtime


English beginning, head, origin, lineage, descent, extract, extraction, inception, make, origination, well, zero, zero vector


English beginning, origin, head, commencement ceremony, commencement exercise, graduation, graduation exercise, inception, terminus quo


English beginning, initiation, creation, foundation, founding, hazing, induction, trigger, knowledgeability, innovation, installation, instauration, institution, introduction, origination, rite of passage


English beginning, offset, offset printing, branch, compensation, counterbalance, countervail, set back, outgrowth, stolon, cancel


English beginning, element, chemical element, component, panel, underworld, factor, detail, unit, character, cell, device, member, entry, material, part, piece


English beginning, break of dawn, appear, aurora, break of day, cockcrow, daybreak, sunrise, twilight, click, dawning, daylight, dayspring, first light, morning, sunup, these


English commencement, origin, beginning, first, head, read write head, head up, head word, bedhead, bug, caput, chief, comptroller, ear, fellatio, fiend, flower, foam, acme, blowjob, boss, brain, branch, category, chieftain, class, commander, composure, crown, director, headland, headline, headmaster, headpiece, intellect, mind, principal, promontory, rise, section, source, subject, summit, superintendent, thought, top, topic, understanding, oral sex, drumhead, heading, point, question, headway, pass, forefront, fountainhead, capitulum, lead, steer, header, headteacher, headword, hood, show way, toilet, top dog


English beginning, root, root word, base, radical, radicate, red, basis, etymon, superuser, zero, screw, solution, ancestor, dig out, barrack, settle, rout, stem, theme

beginning antonyms

nightbreak, dusk, terminus, twilight, ending, nightfall, conclusion, destination, finish, end, final, evening, terminal, close, last, insertion, consolation, next, branch, second, air terminal, big final, final examination, finish up, finish off, term, boundary, close by, close fitting, close off, close out, close down, close up, cobbler's last, come to end, end of line, finale, interpolation, introduction, intromission, last place, limit, set, shoemaker's last, sprig, sunset, tassel, console, lead, concluding, after, afterward, bus station, closing, comfort, coming, decision, deduction, termination, stopping point, crepuscle, crepuscule, depot, address, dowry, evenfall, endorheic, fall, fatal, following, gloam, gloaming, half light, mete, sundown, ratiocination, second of arc, second base, second gear, solace, solacement, technical term, terminal figure

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