being synonyms and antonyms


English face of earth, beingness, organism, existence, thing


English being, organism


English being, existence, breath, universe, life, life sentence


English being, thing, jiggambob, sucker, affair, business, clothes, concern, deed, entity, item, object, possession, property, stuff, ticket, matter, thingamajig, thingamajigger, whatdoyoucallit

being antonyms

inexistence, nonexistence, absence, nothingness, nothing, live, know, ill, care, escape, dead, chicken, danger, essence, person, beverage, absence of mind, defunction, escape key, inherence, lack, unexistence, spring chicken, emptiness, give care, ill favoured, ill intentioned, in know, nihility, nonentity, worthlessness, wind, nullity, void, running away, non attendance, petit mal epilepsy, aught, drink, bugger all, cipher, cypher, risk, drinkable, aroma, gist, quintessence, perfume, kernel, effect, fuck all, gas, gasoline, ghost, goose egg, heart, jack shit, jeopardy, libation, menace, peril, petit mal, potable, quiddity, want, epilepsia minor, hazard, safe, riskiness, queer

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