beneficial synonyms and antonyms


English usufructuary, salutary, advantageous, charitable, good


English beneficial, fructuary


English beneficial, good, healthful, healful


English beneficial, gainful, favorable, favourable, plus, propitious


English beneficial, charitable, philanthropic, beneficent, eleemosynary, humanitarian, merciful, welfare, benevolent, christian, considerate


English salutary, beneficial, able, chillax, fine, accomplished, not bad, well, dear, dependable, full, honest, in effect, proficient, respectable, right, serious, sound, unspoilt, upright, commodity, thoroughly, goodness, just, stallwart, valorous, virtuous

beneficial antonyms

undamaging, innocuous, ungood, bad, damaging, harmful, detrimental, ill, pain, trouble, poor, evil, rap, service, sin, harmless, goodlessness, rap music, wrong, church service, divine service, evil doer, ill favoured, ill intentioned, mean, negative, poor people, trouble oneself, brother, brat, prejudicious, innocent, innoxious, uncontroversial, unobjectionable, mischievous, neutral, nontoxic, noxious, pagan, pain in neck, pain sensation, religious service, scatheful, military service, robert william service, service of process, sudden, table service, unmenacing, unsafe, veil, worship service, civil service, rapping, sine, son, qing dynasty, abrupt, adversity, agitate, anguish, annoy, annoyance, bad off, badly off, bait, bantling, bother, boy, bratwurst, terror, bread, breadwinner, bun, calamity, care, cloak, cross, destructive, difficulty, discommode, disoblige, distress, disturb, disturbance, ed, ennui, friar, gal, gripe, hardship, baneful, deleterious, disadvantageous, hurtful, injurious, pernicious, prejudicial

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