benevolent synonyms and antonyms

good hearted

English kindly, benevolent, accommodating, agreeable, kind


English good hearted, benevolent, amicable, amicably, goodly, generous, pleasant, be so kind as to, thoughtfully


English good hearted, large hearted, freehearted, eleemosynary, openhearted, philanthropic, charitable, kindly, sympathetic, friendly

large hearted

English benevolent, magnanimous


English benevolent, philanthropic, charitable, beneficent


English eleemosynary, benevolent, charitable, altruistic, bighearted, generous, giving, goodhearted, humanitarian, philanthropical


English eleemosynary, philanthropic, benevolent, charitable, beneficent, beneficial, humanitarian, merciful, welfare, christian, considerate


English benevolent, amicable, appealing, harmonic, likable, likeable


English benevolent, exhibition game, exhibition match, friendlily, amiable, well disposed, amicably, gentle, homey, neighborly, obliging, peaceable, thick

benevolent antonyms

misanthropic, misanthropical, unfriendly, inimical, hostile, unsympathetic, maleficent, malevolent, unkindly, hateful, selfish, egoistic, mean, nasty, parasympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system, antipathetic, unfeeling, antipathetical, averse, closed, cynical, disagreeable, egocentric, egoistical, hardened, indisposed, inimic, insensitive, loath, loth, mean value, uncongenial, unlikeable, vicious, awful, evil, odious, ill, little, malefic, malicious, self centered, self centred, selfishly, unappealing, emotionless, stony, uncaring, stonyhearted, unlikable, unsympathizing, enemy, aim at, aim for, average, despicable, adversary, backfriend, foe, nemesis, unfriend, foeman, antagonistic, ignoble, intend, irreconcilable, monstrous, cruddy, filthy, opposition, egotistic, egotistical, greedy

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