bohatý synonyms and antonyms


English wealthy, rich people, abundant, aplenty, affluent, deep, full bodied, plenteous, productive, well to do


English rich, affluent, flush, loaded, moneyed, substantial, well to do

bohatý antonyms

bad off, poor, impoverished, badly off, needy, broke, pore, bad, off, servant, plain, stone broke, maid servant, man servant, servant girl, beggar, high plain, poor people, wiped out, broken, destitude, fizz, bankrupt, beggard, beggarly, destitute, dirt poor, down and out, down on one's luck, empty handed, flat, hard up, impecunious, in need, indigent, insolvent, less fortunate, lower class, meager, necessitous, pauperized, penniless, penurious, pinched, plumb broke, poverty stricken, strapped, trailer trash, underemployed, underprivileged, unemployed, lean, mendicant, palliard, ruin, boracic, pauperise, pauperize, stoma, concentrate, vagrant, void, angle, basin, buttress, champaign, field, follow, full, help, lackey, deficient, skimpy, thin, tilt, purple drank, sizzurp, list, tend, manifest, proceed, rest, retainer, reward, domestic worker, handmaid, servitor, slant, thrall, tip, washbasin

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